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Redefine. Reshape. Reignite.


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Jasmine Johnson is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, who is currently licensed in the state of NC and Texas as well. She received her Master’s of Arts in Licensed Professional Counselor, from Liberty University.

Jasmine has been working in the mental health field for over 15 years and has a passion for people and helping them through their healing process. She is currently working towards being certified in TF-CBT. Jasmine specializes with individuals and families that have experienced crisis and or trauma. She has a passion for helping individuals shift their pain, pressures, and past into something beautiful and meaningful.

Jasmine is the Founder of Imprints by Jazz Counseling Services PLLC, which is a place that individuals can come to overcome the imprints that life and circumstances have place in front of them. These services will provide individuals with positive change which will redefine, reshape, reignite the imprints of their past to press towards a positive hope for their future.

Jasmine loves her family, church, and serving the community through Outreach. Jasmine believes that healing is a process that is not always meant to be alone, but through the help of the Holy Spirit, she will help to guide each individual through their healing journey, which creates healthy whole and greater community.


We empower individual to redefine, reshape, and reignite the imprints of the past into hope for the future. We encourage, support, and cultivate the growth towards healing and fulfilling the purpose of each individual.




We want to help to produce healthy whole individuals, as seeds planted throughout the earth releasing the potential that is within, to reproduce more of its kind. We believe in the power of a seed, and the process of growth, and healthy germination in the individual, family, and the earth.


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